Monday, 1 August 2011

QR codes - making progress 2 - Treasure Tour

The other QR code related activity which is under way is a 'Treasure Tour' of the LRC.  This is a variation on the theme of an independent tour of the LRC that students, staff and visitors can do and that last year we created as a podcast tour.  This year there are a variety of posters containing a QR code which, when scanned' gives a brief description such as 'Welcome to the LRC and the QR code tour - make your way to the fiction section to find the next clue'.  The QR code does not lead to a link but just to a short amount of information to lead people from one location to another.  Again our eLearning Technologist and LRC Assistant apprentice have come up with some brilliant solutions to my vague ideas e.g 'How about we have a QR code treasure hunt?'.  The posters are really great - I'll post some pictures when it is complete - I like the one for the Multimedia room which has a pacman theme with the QR code in the middle.
When I was testing it the problem that I ran into was that the App that I had installed on the iPod Touch wasn't scanning very well so I'm in the process on downloading a different one.  Also the posters with the QR codes on needed to be fairly flat, either vertical or horizontal not 'on a slope' like on a journal shelf as it was more difficult to scan.  I'm hoping that we will have a few iPod Touches that can be used by students / visitors when they come into the LRC to follow the self directed tour.  The only decision now is whether to have any treasure at the end and where to hide it.

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