Thursday, 30 June 2011

Learning Technologies for loan

Over the last two years we have built up a number of learning technologies that staff and students can borrow. These include netbooks, flip cameras, pocket projectors, voice recorders, Mp3 players, headphones and video cameras. We also have student response / voting systems for use with the interactive whiteboards. We acquired some of the netbooks, projectors and flip cameras through participating in the Becta Technology Exemplar Network. The most popular items are the flip cameras which are always in demand by curriculum staff for use with students.
We started off just having signing out sheets for the equipment and then moved to a spreadsheet but recently created a booking database which gives us more functionality including reports of usage. We are continually updating and adding to our stock and have purchased some iPhone Touchs and some Kindles for use from September.
We, the Learning Resources dept, offer support and training in using the equipment and deliver e-Learning sessions incorporating use of technologies. The only negative aspect is that teaching staff sometimes 'forget' to bring the equipment back and we have to chase them up.
To advertise the technologies that are available we use a variety of methods including posters and infographics.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Recycling display in LRC

We have a rolling programme of displays in our LRC which are changed and updated frequently.
They are often related to a topical theme or a relevant date.
At the moment we have a Recycling display.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

cpd23 - Thing1

I read about cpd23 and thought that I would like to take part and then a colleague recommended it too so I thought I'd better get on with it. I have a few blogs that I write - this is my main one 'Managing a Learning Resources Dept'. I'm a keen microblogger too and use Twitter a lot @clairedonlan.
My job is Head of Learning Resources at Middlesbrough College - the Learning Resources Dept is library services and e-Learning.
I'm interested in taking part in the activities for cpd23 and looking at other peoples blogs.
I'm not so good at following a prescriptive schedule for blogging or other such activities as i tend to use blogging as and when I want to comment or reflect on an idea or activity.
I'm going to try and see how it goes

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

ID cards

Student ID cards are issued to all students on enrolment. It has generally been expected and accepted that students should carry their ID cards while in College. Over the last year there have been many discussions as to whether the wearing of lanyards with ID cards should be mandatory or not. This has been influenced by the idea that in general for security and safeguarding purposes, it is useful to be able to identify current students as opposed to visitors or members of the public.
Students need to have their ID cards to access the LRC by 'swiping' through the turnstiles. This has been a really successful way of managing the access to the space and also enables us to monitor usage and deploy resources. Students are generally amenable and
co-operative about bringing their cards and using them in the LRC. The ID card is used as their library card too in order to use PCs and borrow books.
Last week the matter of student ID cards was again raised by senior management and the idea that they could have their cards with them but not have to wear a lanyard. There is also a development taking place that will mean that the cards become more of a smartcard with the ability to be used as payment for food and printing.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Student Council meeting

Today I attended the student council meeting.  They are held once a term and involve student reps from the different departments.  There are student council meetings held locally within departments and then representatives attend the whole college meeting.  The meetings are well attended by the students and the Principal of the college attends which means that it is a good opportunity for learners to have their views heard by the 'most important person'.  I attend in order to listen to the views of the students as it is important to know what is going on in general across the college at 'ground level' and also to answer any concerns about the LRC and e-learning / VLE.