Friday, 29 May 2015

Day by day - first week of 'vacation time'

Monday 25th May
Usual Monday morning catching up on people and places and any issues
Changing communications to reflect out of semester times including library opening hours and study spaces.
Communications meeting to plan website and printed information for next semester including 'Getting Started ' and 'IS Essentials'

Tuesday 26th May
Update on stock relegation - checking up on how much staff resource we have now that semester is finished to concentrate on this project and how much space we have for 'weeded' items to be held while they are checked and processed.

Collated extra tasks list for staff and also started pilot of delegated tasks whereby other teams can request for assistance from Customer Services Team.

Looked at statistics and what is needed for end of year summary.

Wednesday 27th May
We are planning on implementing a new library Management System next year so we are at the beginning of the process.  We have had some Project Board meetings and some SCURL/APUC meetings and are now starting the operational meetings.  these are an opportunity for all staff to be involved and contribute.  First meeting of the LMS Circulation, Document Delivery & Inventory operational group.

Then another look at the SmartStock device which is the handheld device that is part of our Bibliotheca RFID / Self Service set up to use for stocktaking or weeding.  We have not had much success so far as the file formats don't seem to match up.  Had a look at it with our Systems Librarian and hopefully we've worked out where the issue is - now we have to get it reported and resolved.

Then onto weekly Change Advisory Board meeting - not too many planned changes for this week apart from there will be network downtime on Saturday to upgrade networks and servers.

To finish off the day I had a quick meeting about the latest plans for moving the 3hr loan collection to a different location.  I've been reviewing the usage statistics and the number of items in the collection to see where would be the optimum location in order to improve accessibility.

Thursday 28th May
Customer Services Team Meeting - the advantage of out of semester time is that we can have a meeting at the beginning of the day when everyone can attend rather than having to split into two in order to cover the Service Desk.
Items that are top of the to do list at the moment are:
Building work - museum and library entrance
Posters and notices
3 hour loans
Extra and delegated tasks
Business Continuity - task and finish
Library Management System
Room Booking System
Social Media

Thursday is my day when I'm based at the IT help-desk so went down there to catch up on what's been happening and if there are any issues that I need to help with or escalate.

Then had a meeting to look at what we need to do to review the IT Helpdesk system that we are currently using to see if it is still suitable and doing what we want it to do.  Also some of the nitty gritty like looking at forms that will integrate to create tickets and setting up new departments, users and permissions.
Friday 29th May
Planning training for over the summer and for the beginning of semester.
All staff in the team have filled in the spreadsheet confirming the training and development they have undertaken during the year and have sent suggestions for training that they think would be useful.
I'm collating the list and trying to arrange times and also looking at how to put some of the training online.

Meeting with line manager about staffing and about comments and suggestions and about inter-library loans.

Checked up on social media channels and scheduled some posts for over the weekend.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Day by day - last week of semester

Monday 18th May
Checking up on usage figures for library over weekend especially as the VLE had been down the previous night.
Other statistics including 3 hour loans in light of plans to move the collection during the summer
Spent the afternoon at the IT Helpdesk catching up on any issues and incidents.

Tuesday 19th May
Academic and Learner Services monthly team meeting
Interviews for VLE Manager post - on the interview panel so it was a really interesting day.  It's a great job.  It reminded me why I like learning technology so much and wish I had the chance to do more now rather than management stuff.  It may prompt me not to get bogged down in what we do and what we are trying to do and instead go for introducing something new and innovative.

After work went to a talk at the National library of Scotland about the spy novels of Graham Greene as part of Edinburgh University Spy week.

Wednesday 20th May
Change Advisory Board - this is making a difference as far as communicating changes to IT systems that affect users.  Updated the systems status page and the knowledgebase announcements

After work went to a Blipfoto focus group

Thursday 21st May
ALT GPC meeting online.  Google hangouts are working well for this sort of meeting.

Second meeting of new Library Management System planning meeting looking at requirements of framework.  Interesting but quite laborious and lots of concentrating on the details.

Friday 22nd May
Last day of semester and no meetings.
The library was busy with students right up until the last exam - finally quieter today for the first time since September.
Caught up with lost of emails and started to plan tasks for next week:
Communications about the building works that will affect access to the library
Laptop lockers that are being purchased
Operational group for circulation, document delivery and inventory of new LMS
Planning delegated tasks for customer services staff from other staff in department
Weeding / stock relegation process and progress

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Day by day - IT issues, awards, LMS, reports

Monday 11th May
Usual beginning of week catching up on emails and day to day issues
Also trouble shooting after virus on Service Desk PC

Tuesday 12th May
Meeting about possibility of using ITHelpdesk system for reporting and routing information security issues and incidents

Wednesday 13th May
First meeting of the Library Management System SCURL group for circulation and document delivery

Teaching and Learning Oscars event in Student Union. Customer Service Team nominated - didn't win but good to be nominated and attend event

Friday 15th May
Catch up meeting with Head of Academic and Learner Services and also Liaison Services Manager
Monthly report for ISLT

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Project Boards, Change Advisory Boards, Shortlisting

Monday 27th April

The start of the Library Management System project looking at the overview of the project and roles within the project. First meeting of the Project Board and discussion regarding SCURL groups and operational groups.

Discussions regarding Institute of Petroleum Engineering books that were transferred into the main library last summer but need stock checking as some discrepancies between what is shown on catalogue and what is on the shelves / out on loan.

Tuesday 28th April

Telephone discussion with Service Desk software supplier

Service Improvement Group meeting.
Items on the agenda were mainly around statistics and data collection and what should be included in a monthly dashboard for management.
Also discussion around communication and how to continue to improve

Wednesday 29th April

Meeting about IT Helpdesk system and access to the system for new groups of staff users including those from international campuses.

Change Advisory Board - changes planned for this coming week and any new developments.  Only the second meeting of the CAB but interesting and useful so far especially from a communicating to users perspective

Shortlisting for post of VLE Enhancement Manager - some good applications so very hopeful

Thursday 30th April

Team meeting for daytime staff - updates on the quick survey about purpose of library visits,  monitoring the library space, extra study spaces, weeding of stock, short loans, cleaning, training etc.

Presentation by our Research Librarian regarding at Pure, open access and open data, and how we deliver / will deliver services relating to these areas.  Looked firstly at the current services and the range of policies and activities surrounding them and secondly at how we can best deliver services, and how we work with other university services on these areas of scholarly communication.

Spent the rest of the day at the IT Helpdesk as a catch up on what's been happening and current issues.

Friday 1st may

Mainly catching up with emails and other day to day tasks.
Meeting with Liaison Services Manager
Sorting out new staff issues and checking that inductions are underway

Collated feedback from the Facebook survey that we did earlier this semester