Monday, 1 August 2011

QR codes - making progress 1

We have made progress with our use of QR codes.  We have a whole list of ideas and possibilities but I was keen to get something up and running and actually available to use.  So the first task was to create some A5 mini posters which would be displayed on the book shelves / bays which would be linked to searches for specific topics on the library catalogue.  For example if you were looking for 'Sports' books or 'Catering' books then there would be a QR code displayed which when you scanned it would lead to the search results on the library catalogue (OPAC).  Our eLearning technologist produced a help sheet explaining how to create a QR code from the url from the search on the OPAC and then each member of the staff of the department had to produce one.  I thought that this would be particularly useful for Curriculum Liaison LRC Assistants as they could produce one or two which were for their subject area and they would know the most common search criteria.
This is an example

Our LRC Assistant Apprentice is in the process of printing them out and displaying them in the appropriate locations.

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