Friday, 5 August 2011

cpd23 - Thing 8 - Google Calendar

My experiences with Google Calendar so far have been mixed.  I think it is a great tool and in it's simplest form easy and straightforward and very useful.  I like the functionality of being able to share calendars and access them online etc.  However a few weeks ago I had been hoping to set up a Google calendar for our inductions.  The idea was that the calendar would show all the possible induction sessions, show available slots and allow staff to book these slots.  The slot would then become unavailable and booked and the member of staff would be emailed to confirm their booking.  Essentially it would become a booking system or events system linked to a Google spreadsheet and Google mail.  As I worked on it and looked at the possibilities it became more complicated although I'm sure that it is possible to do and once set up would be great.  I was sent a template of an events system by an e-learning advisor that should have worked but I didn't have any success with it.  The main problem, although I am reluctant to admit it, is that I just don't have time to dedicate to an activity like this - maybe next year .........

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