Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day by day - LMP, Collection Development, Change Advisory Board and external events

Monday 15th June

  • Library Management Platform project board meeting including an update on the SCURL groups, internal operational groups and timeline for project.
  • Weekly meeting with line manager - staffing and plans / developments for summer
  • Collection Development meeting including update on stock relegation (books) and plans for removal of some of the journal stock to make more study space for students.
    Collection development is officially the responsibility of the resources team however in practice a lot of the work, especially maintenance and relegation, is undertaken by the Customer Services team.  This is mainly because they have the skills and knowledge of where the stock, books and journals, are located and their usage by students.  The demand for items is monitored by Customer Services staff.  We have a rolling programme of weeding and have just finished one list and are now starting on the quick reference and IPE books.
Tuesday 16th June
  • In York for Leadership Foundation 'Leading Across Professional Boundaries' course
Wednesday 17th June
  • Discussion re classification of IPE books to be integrated into main collection
  • Discussion with line manager re staffing and plans for next semester
  • IT Helpdesk update and current issues
  • Change Advisory Board - communications re print servers, roaming profiles, office 2013 and home page
Thursday 18th June
  • Oxford
Friday 19th June
  • Association for Learning Technology Trustees meeting at Institute of Education, London.

Day by day - statistics, systems, more LMP and 3hr loans...

Monday 8th June - holiday

Tuesday 9th June

  • Statistics 
  • Libcal room bookings
  • Relocation of 3hr loans - this has been a long running discussion now as to where we should relocate the short loan collection to.  I've been looking at the usage stats and found that of the 900+ items that we have categorised as 3hr loans, only about half were actually borrowed during the last academic year.  This is good news in that we can reduce the number of items kept in the collection.  The other side of the story is that the main reason for a book being in the collection is that it is recommended by a lecturer - this doesn't however mean that it is actually used. We can reduce the size, and footprint, of the collection and also make it available via self-service for students.  Now we just have to work out the best way to do this.  There are two or three possibilities which I've circulated for information and suggestions...

Wednesday 10th June

  • IT Helpdesk - catch up on issues
  • Complaints log
  • Staffing

Thursday 11th June

  • Team meeting - 3 hr loans, tasks, staffing
  • LMP project Document Delivery meeting - requirements and scenarios
  • LMP project Inventory meeting - requirements and scenarios
  • Emails to sort out mentoring
  • ELISA and blogging
  • Delivered training to staff on room booking system - collating statistics

Friday 12th June

  • Customer service excellence network meeting - Northumbria Uni

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Day by day - ELISA, ECA library, Library Management Platform and communications

Monday 1st June - a different start to the week from usual as I had the morning off as holiday.  I did check my emails though just to make sure there was nothing urgent to deal with.
Monday afternoon was a meeting of ELISA T&D group (ELISA Edinburgh) at NLS Lawnmarket.  the main items that we discussed were communications including the ELISA Website / Blog / Twitter and the planned programme of visits.  I am involved with the website and twitter account and tweet from the ELISA account at events.  There is a great programme of events coming up with visits to some interesting libraries in the Edinburgh area.

Tuesday 2nd June - some planning and collating of statistics.
Still trying to get the SmartStock device set up for weeding and stock taking.
In the afternoon I went to the Edinburgh College of Art library for a visit arranged through ELISA.
I've blogged about it here ELISA visit to ECA library 

Wednesday 3rd June - early start down at the IT Helpdesk to catch up on updates and to get staff input on changes to process for tickets from different departments.  We're clarifying and reviewing some of our procedures over the summer in order to provide a consistent service.

Library Management Platform Project Board meeting - there is a lot of work at the moment involving the new LMP that we will be getting for September 2016.  There is a project board, SCURL groups and internal operational groups.  This meeting was an update on project progress and the timeline.

Change advisory Board Meeting - these are working out quite well so far and it is useful as a means of communicating about communications for IT changes.  It's a good opportunity to catch up with other members of staff that I don't directly work with.

Other staffing stuff and building stuff - work has started on the new lift at the entrance to the library which will take nearly all summer.  The rear entrance to the library is blocked off but the main entrance is ok.

Thursday 4th June - another early start with IT Helpdesk matters.  Meeting with colleague from Malaysia about processing IT tickets specific to Malaysia campus and central tickets.  Also discussion about knowledge-base and what information needs to be on knowledge-base as opposed to the website.

 Library Management Platform catch up meeting for the SCURL groups.
Then LMP operational group for the management information requirements.

Catch up with Liaison Services Manager about shared tasks mainly about enquiries, issues and communication.

Then Service Improvement Group meeting - this was an extra meeting in order to try to push progress on a statistics / data dashboard - if only we had more time... but I think we are getting there and it is an opportunity to work across teams in the directorate.

Friday 5th June - communications meeting to discuss information for the start of next semester - information on the website especially 'Getting Started' guide and leaflets to hand out.  Also discussion around noise levels and signage.

LMP meeting with external colleagues to look at scenarios for demonstrations for circulation, document delivery and inventory.

Updated social media channels

And that's another week gone by...