Saturday, 6 August 2011

3D Induction Experience

Last week week we made progress with the 3D Induction experience that we are having created by 3D Amazing Interactives.  We first got the system through being part of the Becta Technology Exemplar Network a couple of years ago and used the standard applications that came with the system.  We set it up in the main reception area of College and have used it in classrooms in lessons.  The main applications that the students enjoyed were the supermarket, the 3D heart and body, the space and planets and the plane and train travelling.
The idea this year was to see if we could create the equivalent of the supermarket but in the Learning Resources Centre by creating a 3D walk through with events e.g. books 'flying' off the shelves rather than food items.
After talking to the company we decided to split the project into two parts - the first will be a directed walk through of the LRC with 6 or 7 events when a 3D instance happens to give information. This is based on a model of the LRC which has been created and will be shown at the beginning of our LRC / IT inductions at the beginning of term.  The second part will be an 'at seat'  Way-finder which will enable students when they are using a computer to search for items including books and printers and it will show them a route to their destination.
We went to have a look at the draft model and application last week - it looks really great - it's not finished yet and it doesn't have the events or destinations programmed in but I'm hopeful.  It is definitely one of those projects that is planned but evolves and develops as you go along and I've still got my fingers crossed that it is going to work.  If it does and we can use it as the 'wow' factor at the beginning of the inductions it will be a brilliant learning experience for the students (and great fun).

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