Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Spring term - Day 1

First day back after Christmas - it is wild, wet and windy outside including a blizzard mid afternoon which would have blown anyone off their feet.  However in the LRC it has been bright and warm and a relatively calm but busy day.  This might be due to it being Tuesday not Monday, Monday being our usual day for challenges.  Lots of students are back and seem to have got down to work quite quickly - it is a very different feel to the start of the year than in September with a much more organised and focused environment.
I have spent today catching up with tasks that I had quickly finished off in December and following them up more efficiently.  The email situation has not been to bad, not many outstanding which is very different to the situation at Easter or summer.
We are starting an e-learning project which we have some LSIS funding for based on online collaboration for teaching and mentoring.  It will be using Mizaru which is a web conferencing / virtual classroom environment based on Adobe Connect.  We have 30+ members of teaching staff who are interested in participating so we have designed the questionnaire which will be distributed to them tomorrow as a base line.  I'm hoping that it will go well and develop over the next few months.
This afternoon I spent doing finance and budget related tasks - something I put off given the chance especially at the end of term when I have no brain power nor inclination left. 
Tomorrow is our Learning & Technology Strategy Group meeting - we have changed the time from Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning to make it more convenient for more people to attend.  I've set the netbooks up with the papers for the meeting to encourage attendees to be paperless.  During the meeting we display the papers on the whiteboard too. 

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