Thursday, 5 January 2012

Learning and Technology Strategy Group

Yesterday was our first meeting of the term for the Learning and Technology Strategy Group.  We meet once or twice a term and the purpose of the group is to drive the strategic development of learning technologies across the College.  Such strategies are difficult not least because they are called different things in different educational establishments and change so rapidly.  Four years ago we had an ILT strategy, then it became a e-Learning strategy then an e-Learning & ICT strategy and we have recently changed it to the Learning & Technology strategy.  The strategy has a strategic group which endeavours to carry out, develop and take forward the aims and objectives.
The latest update to the strategic document have made it much more relevant and manageable - we have got rid of some of the details which were essentially a position statement of where we were as a College as far as learning technologies were concerned and also IT in general. This was a reflection of the time i.e. moving from 4 different campuses to one new 21st century technology enabled building with new resources.  It is much more focussed now on what we want to achieve as far as teaching and learning are concerned by using technology and resources.
It will change and develop over the next two years, it has to due to technological changes.  It will have no choice but to change in the face of the changes in teaching and learning that will happen in the FE sector but it provides a strong basis for us to move forward.

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