Friday, 6 January 2012

LRC 3D Wayfinder

Our 3D project involved two parts - the 3D Induction experience / walkthrough and the Wayfinder. We used the 3D LRC Induction last term successfully and have now got the at seat Wayfinder.  It uses the same 3D model of the LRC space, contents and resources but is used by individuals at their computers.

To use it you start by selecting where you are i.e. which computer area are you working at? 

Then you select the book subject area or other resource area you would like to find.

Then you are 'walked through' to your destination.

You can choose to walk faster or slower (potential here for whizzing round the LRC at top speed especially up the stairs) 

The other areas that you can select are printers, enquiry desks and lifts and you will be directed to the nearest one to your current location.  You can select rooms with specialist resources or facilities such as the Multimedia room and the Quiet room.

We are trialling it on a small number of computers so far.  We will then install it on all the computers in the LRC.  We are also going to have a standalone kiosk style computer so that users can walk up to it and find resources without having to log on to a computer first - they will then be able to search for available computers.

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