Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day by day - statistics, systems, more LMP and 3hr loans...

Monday 8th June - holiday

Tuesday 9th June

  • Statistics 
  • Libcal room bookings
  • Relocation of 3hr loans - this has been a long running discussion now as to where we should relocate the short loan collection to.  I've been looking at the usage stats and found that of the 900+ items that we have categorised as 3hr loans, only about half were actually borrowed during the last academic year.  This is good news in that we can reduce the number of items kept in the collection.  The other side of the story is that the main reason for a book being in the collection is that it is recommended by a lecturer - this doesn't however mean that it is actually used. We can reduce the size, and footprint, of the collection and also make it available via self-service for students.  Now we just have to work out the best way to do this.  There are two or three possibilities which I've circulated for information and suggestions...

Wednesday 10th June

  • IT Helpdesk - catch up on issues
  • Complaints log
  • Staffing

Thursday 11th June

  • Team meeting - 3 hr loans, tasks, staffing
  • LMP project Document Delivery meeting - requirements and scenarios
  • LMP project Inventory meeting - requirements and scenarios
  • Emails to sort out mentoring
  • ELISA and blogging
  • Delivered training to staff on room booking system - collating statistics

Friday 12th June

  • Customer service excellence network meeting - Northumbria Uni

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