Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tuesday - meetings, lost property and engineer visit.

This morning was the Academic and Learner Services meeting. It is a monthly meeting for staff in the Customer Services Team and in the Liaison Team. It is a summary of what is going on operationally and developments that are coming up. It's a good opportunity to keep up to date with what other colleagues are doing and to add a bit of detail to what we are doing in our team.
This afternoon had a meetng with Head of Security about lost property. We need to improve our procedures so that things don't get mislaid especially during hand over times especially as we have so many different teams and staff members. Anyhow he seems ok with my plan so we can start using that from next week.
A good thing that happened this afternoon was that the engineer from Bibliotheca came to mend one of our self service book kiosks. It had stopped reading the RFID tags so he replaced the reader inside the machine.

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