Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Reviews and staffing

A couple of weeks ago we had an Academic-Related Review of Information Services.  It involved a panel made up of external and internal people who interviewed students, academic staff and staff within the directorate about the services that we provide.  It went well, I think although we have not had the report yet so will wait and see.  A review is quite good really as it encourages you to focus on what you do and why and what the impact of the service is.
Last week I was 'out of the office' for a few days so am catching up this week especially as I'm out again Thursday and Friday.  More staffing and recruitment matters to sort out - requesting permission to recruit for an Information Assistant and changing hours and shifts for Library Assistants.
Trying to find a solution that everyone is happy with for chairs at the Library Service Desk - the problem is that they have to be suitable for a wide variety of staff to work at the desk and this means a variety of choices....  Meeting about support that we provide for the MFDs.

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