Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Managing a Team

Managing a team is challenging.
Managing a first line customer service facility/function/dept is demanding.
Managing change is difficult.
All of these are also rewarding and satisfying when they work well and are successful.
It takes time and effort.
Today it is six months since I started my job as Customer Services Manager - managing a team of 33 who deliver first line Information Services and Library support - through various changes and developments.
We have successful delivered these services but I'm aware that there is still lots more to do before we are the 'perfect' team.
I'm trying to be tactical and use the experience I've got to find solutions.
I'm spending lots of time talking to people - to discuss and understand their views and collaborate and listen.
I'm getting involved - leading by example by doing the things I'm asking others to do.
I'm standing back and looking at the change process to see where I am, others are and the team is.
I'm accepting that there are ups and downs but we will get there.

Found this poster which i might display on my office wall
[Team Manifesto]

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