Thursday, 3 November 2011

QR code Tour of LRC

This week we have finally launched our QR code Tour of the LRC. The idea was discussed a few months ago and I was keen for us to use QR codes in a variety of ways. We've incorporated them into leaflets and information guides and also displayed them on book bays to link to searches in the OPAC.
Our e-Learning Technologist and LRC Modern Apprentice worked together to plan and produce the tour and have done a brilliant job. They are both creative and efficient so produce results that look good and work well.
There is a poster showing the first clue as you come into the LRC which gives you instructions about where to start - there are also instruction cards with more info explaining what QR codes are and how to download a QR code App to your smart phone.
Each poster has a QR code which, when you scan it, shows information text which tells you about the place or resource that you are at and also where to go next. We decided to have the QR code lead to text rather than to a URL because it is quicker, easier and doesn't rely on wifi. This makes it suitable for a wider range of learners and is more 'instant' which will engage learners more fully.
The route takes you round the different book sections, different areas such as multimedia, quiet study, printing and also the views such as temenos. The posters are really appealing - hardly any text but great images ( I would show examples but don't want to spoil the surprise element). There are prizes - chocolate coins in true treasure fashion.
I've set up an iPod touch with a QR code App so if students or staff want to try it but don't have a smart phone, then they can do.
A few students have tried it but we have only started advertising and promoting it this week so I'm hoping for quite a few to give it a go. We might use it as part of induction for late starting courses as a self directed activity. In previous years we've had a podcast tour so this is another alternative.
It will be interesting to see how students engage with it and also how different QR code Apps on different mobile devices compare.

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