Tuesday, 27 September 2011

3D experience - LRC / e-learning / IT Inductions

The student induction session that we deliver in the LRC covers the basics of what students need to know to get started in College.  The main aim is that students can come to one place and within the hour they will be able to interact effectively with the systems and resources that they need to learn.  It is important that they get a good start and I feel that an online version of the induction wouldn't work and nor would a traditional talk and tour.
This year we have updated the induction and included a 'wow factor' 3D walk through of the LRC and also a interactive quiz using the Interactive Whiteboard Voting system.

The induction consists of:

  • A 3D walk through of the LRC with events
  • Demonstration and practical 'hands on' activities to log on to the College system, log on to Blackboard, access the appropriate course and resources, accessing the LRC site on Blackboard including help videos of using Blackboard, using the library catalogue, accessing the online databases and e-Book collections and logging onto and using email.
  • An interactive quiz with voting for feedback
The 3D induction experience was created for us by a local company called Amazing Interactives.
We had originally bought the system when part of the Becta Technology Exemplar network with the standard applications but then this year decided to have a custom application created.  They modelled the LRC with all the component parts and it looks brilliant - so realistic - it looks exactly like it (yes, I know that is stating the obvious!).  All the chairs, tables and computers are there and we 'walk' through a route to cover the main areas of the 3 floors.  There are a number of 3D events where things happen and fly out of the screen e.g. books, printing, laptops etc. etc. It's shown on a special screen which can be moved around and you need to wear 3D glasses.  The system itself is stand alone and has 2 projectors.  It is easy to control - just press left mouse button to go forward, press right button to activate an event, no buttons and just move mouse to look around.  It's good fun to use and the students like it.  Some people find it makes them slightly dizzy but in general it's fine.  There are still some parts that need improving slightly and for next year we will change the embedded video clips to make them more whizzy but so far so fab.  
There is another part to it also which is an At Seat Wayfinder which will enable students to use the 3D model to select and find books and other resources and they will be 'walked' to the destination - there will be over 100 different destinations.  This should be available next week.
Here are some photos just taken with my iPhone 

The really cool bits are that it is so realistic especially the stairs and you can see out the window at the football ground and Roseberry Topping and the sunlight.

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