Monday, 6 September 2010

Student LRC / IT inductions

Planning the student LRC / IT inductions which begin next week.
The format is going to be much the same as last year as it was quite successful.  The sessions are practical 'hands on' hour long sessions as this suits our learners, and staff, best.
Basically it includes logging on to the system, logging on to Blackboard and accessing their courses, logging on to and accessing college emails.  Then all the information about the LRC, how to find books etc. and how to access online resources such as databases and e-book collections. Our e-book collections especially
e-brary have proved very popular.  We set up their printer accounts and show them how to use the MFDs (networked printers, scanners and copiers). This year we are adding an e-Safety part to the inductions in order to ensure students have some awareness of e-Safety issues.
Last year we delivered inductions to nearly 3000 students - this year we are hoping to do even more.
It is a very busy time for us and it is quite labour intensive as it takes a lot of staff time and effort but it is definitely worth it.  By making sure the students have the skills they need to access all the various college systems and resources in the first few weeks, it means that they have less problems during the year and can make the most of the learning experience.

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