Friday, 24 September 2010

E-Learning & ICT Strategy Group Meeting

Today was the first meeting this year of our E-learning & ICT Strategy Group meeting.  It is attended by Assistant Principals, Directors of Programmes and other interested parties.  It is co-chaired by myself and the Assistant Principal for Information Services - we take it in turns and it was my turn today.  The meeting works well as an opportunity to discuss the strategic development of IT and e-learning across the College and to make recommendations for the roll out of new hardware and software and projects.  We aim to have curriculum involvement and business support involvement to ensure a cross college interest.
Discussed e-learning plans, Blackboard issues / situation, Turnitin, developments including Bb9, Windows 7 , Office 2010 and SharePoint for the staff Intranet.
It is important that we remember that the purpose is strategic and we don't get 'bogged down' discussing operational activities e.g. how many new PCs have been installed. We have a variety of other groups that feed into this main strategy group i.e. Blackboard User Group, IT User Forum, LRC User Group.

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