Monday, 17 August 2015

Day by day - VLE staff training, staffing, IT Helpdesk, resources and reports...

Tuesday 11th
Academic and Learner Services Team meeting - catching up on what's happening after being off for a few days

Customer Services Team training - we have a summer training programme for our team with a variety of topics including:
Eduroam/wifi – configuring devices
MFDs – basic trouble shooting and maintenance
Inter Library loans – general overview
Basic kayako (IT Helpdesk system)
Creating google forms for statistics and surveys
Basic spreadsheets
Vision – general overview
Emails and text messages – procedures for replying on behalf of Service Desk
Social media – overview and demo of IS Twitter and Facebook and how to post
Group study rooms and tables – equipment / screens – how to use and help students
The sessions are delivered by me or members of our team who are specialists in any of the above.  They are usually face to face sessions but increasingly this proves difficult as we have a wide range of staff working different hours and we have to repeat sessions when the semester only staff return.  So this year for the first time, I'm creating an online course in Vision (Blackboard) so that staff can do the training at different times.
Today's session was on Vision (Blackboard) as some library assistants have not used it before very much and not as a student so they found it useful to be enrolled onto a course and work through the training materials.  I have also created a test at the end of each topic.  This means they can consolidate what they have learned and also I have a record of who has completed which training.  

Wednesday 12th
Staffing issues and planning 

Thursday 13th
IT help-desk day - catching up on issues over the last week including which groups of students can have access to which software depending on their location and campus.
Discussion with our Helpdesk system developer on issues that need resolving and developments.  At the moment these are mainly around refining the processes needed for the most common requests from staff users outwith Information Services which are: Requests for new staff to be added to existing teams/departments within the system

Requests for new departments to be set up and accessed by either existing team members or new team members
Setting up auto direct of emails to create tickets
As more departments across the University use the IT Helpdesk system, it becomes more challenging to keep protocols and procedures universal and we have to be flexible depending on what users require.

Friday 14th 
Last minute report for ISLT
Meeting with Resources staff about procedures for processing book orders more efficiently.  Also implications from acquisitions point of view of the short loan collection being rationalised and reduced.  

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