Monday, 26 March 2012

and on a more cheery note...things to look forward to

1. Kindles - although we've had them for a few months now we have been loaning them to staff and students within the LRC just to see what they think.  Although there has been some interest we have decided that we need to have a 'proper' pilot and promote their usage across the curriculum.  We are starting from today and have four lecturers / tutors who are interested in using them with their students.
2. Electronic Course File to SharePoint - we are moving our electronic course file from the content collection on our VLE to our Intranet on SharePoint.  Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to access for staff.
3. Online collaboration / virtual classroom - we are continuing to use Mizaru which is an Adobe Connect customised solution to train staff and a lot of this is part of our LSIS Leadership in Technology project.  The next session is on Wednesday and it will include some more interactivity on the part of participants with them becoming presenters and hosts and running some of the session (hopefully)
4. Inductions - it's that time of year when we have to plan what we are going to do for inductions in September.  Last year we had the 3D Induction experience plus interactive feedback - this year we are going to try and combine the successes of last year into an online experience.  It's still at the early planning stages so will be interesting to see what we can and can't do.  I also want to try and do something using Augmented Reality - a self directed familiarisation tour - don't know how yet but I'm sure it's a possibility.
5. Journals - it has been the dreaded J word for much of this year - some of our journals don't get used much but I'm not sure why, whether it's lack of demand or lack of awareness.  We are going to promote them both the paperbased and the electronic formats.
6. Mobile App - our mobile app that we launched in January has been successful.  The next phase with more fuctionality including a library app is planned for release in August.

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