Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Impromptu CPD - 'go for a walk and talk and reflect'

Today it was sunny and bright outside when I got to College.  On the way to work I had been listening to the radio and there had been talk about the benefits of going for a walk and taking exercise to prevent Alzheimer's.  So when I went into our department office and staff workroom I suggested that everyone went for a quick 20 minute walk.  As usual when I suggest an idea or plan, my team look at me suspiciously, although gradually over the last 2 - 3 years they have realised that it's ok, it might be a good plan and usually humour me by taking it on board. 
So the conditions were that everyone should go for a walk around the dock outside the College and they could discuss work issues and reflect upon their own, each others and the departments current situation.  If anyone wanted to go on their own that would be ok too - i went on my own as I wanted to reflect but others went in groups.  It is an appropriate time to be doing this as this week it finally seems like the end of the academic year, we have survived and achieved and we can tidy up this year and start planning for the next.  During term time we are so busy that it seems impossible to step back even for an hour and look at what we are trying to achieve.  The sunny weather won't last that's for sure but perhaps the benefits of a walk and talk will.

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