Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ESOL students, curriculum liaison and visiting librarians....

This morning I did two 'quick' inductions for groups of ESOL students.  These groups have quite good English as I think they are here on teaching placements.  The quick version means that we have to rattle through the essentials in half the time - logging on to the system, logging onto Blackboard, accessing emails and setting up print accounts.  At least it means that they can access the college system and resources.

We practiced our presentation for curriculum liaison sessions on Friday.  Not sure how it will go - I have persuaded our team to go along and departments to have us so it may work.

This afternoon we had two librarians from Teesside University come to visit - had a good chat comparing the way things are done at each institution and how they link.  Took them on tour of LRC and of the College.

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